Getting Started

Welcome to my blog!

Everyone has to have a first day somewhere, right?  Today is my first day in the world of blogging for business.

You would think that, if I have a blog, I would have tons of things to say.  I have to admit that I’m suffering from writer’s block.

What if what I have to say is stupid?  What if nobody cares?  What if I make mistakes?

Time to kick self-doubt in the jewels and dive right in!  Not only do I want to share the things that I have learned (often the hard way) but also share products that I am making. Be patient as I add things to the blog and site.  A journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step and all of that stuff.

So, what to expect at  The big picture is video tutorials, household tips, lots of stuff involving the kitchen (because I love to bake and can foods) and plenty of humor.  I speak fluent sarcasm and easily find the humor in most situations.  If you are looking for the next Martha Stewart or Miss Manners, I’m not it.

But, if you enjoy learning things that are sometimes part of a lost art and need a chuckle along the way, this just might be the place for you.  Or not.  You can decide for yourself.

Contributions and suggestions will always be welcome.  I would love to see this become more of a community and less of me talking constantly about things that I choose.

So, sit down, squat down or lie down . . . just get comfy and settle in for some . . . well, some something or other.  We’ll see how this develops.

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