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Today we’re going to discuss crochet hooks.  You can buy them individually or in kits.  They are made from all types of materials and you can even buy fancy ones.

Here’s what I’ve learned from my experience:

The fancy ones are cool looking.  But, they do the same thing as the standard ones.  Why pay more money?

I started with a basic set (that included a how-to book) similar to this one:


As I was ready to expand, I purchased another set with a larger variety of hooks and a case.


You can also find ergonomic ones like this one:



Recently I bought some rubber handle ones like these:


I gave them a test run and found that they don’t work well with the blanket yarn that I’m fond of.  While they probably work well with smaller yarn and smaller stitches, they weren’t all that and a bag of chips to me.  The metal portion of the hook where you work your stitches just isn’t long enough.  However, I loved all of the accessories that came with it.

We’ll cover the other accessories as we go along.

In case it’s not obvious, the larger the yarn (or the larger you want your stitches to be), the larger crochet hook is used.

The sizes are labeled in millimeters and letters that correspond with them.  American hooks start with 2.25 mm (sometimes called a size 1) which is B.  The larger standard ones go up to 8 mm which is L.


2.00 mm 14
2.25 mm B 13
2.50 mm 12
2.75 mm C 11
3.00 mm 11
3.25 mm D 10
3.50 mm E 9
3.75 mm F
4.00 mm 6 8
4.25 mm G
4.50 mm 7 7
5.00 mm H 6
5.50 mm I 5
6.00 mm J 4
6.50 mm K 3
7.00 mm 2
8.00 mm L 0

There are smaller hooks that are used for crochet thread and larger hooks used for very large yarn.  Those will be discussed in a post later on.  I just want to concentrate on the basic ones for now.

So, to sum it up, crochet hooks are all about your preferences.  Take them for a test run and use what works best for you.

You don’t have to pick just one kind or the other.  You can switch them up according to what you are doing.

Peace, Love & Crochet Hooks

Hoosier Barn Chick

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