A Cadillac For Cows

Walnut & The Girls

I used to drive a big Cadillac station wagon.  But, after several months at my current day job, I decided I needed something smaller and better on gas.

I let the hubby know my plan to sell the car and decided to take a nap since it was on the weekend.

Upon waking from my nap, he informed me he had sold my car for cash.  That was great!  Then he said I needed to help him go load up some cows.  You guessed it, he sold my car and used the cash to buy a bull and 2 cows.  I HATE cattle.  Yes, red meat it important to me but I really have a fear of cattle.

Walnut (the bull) was bottle fed as a calf and is ALL about my husband most of the time.  He watches for The Hubby to pull up and he runs to the corral.  The cows are not nearly as friendly.  One will hang back and the other will only approach the trough skeptically after taking in the scene for a few minutes.

None of them are thrilled when they get closed off from the corral in order for us to clean their stall.  Walnut bellows the whole time and frequently pushes against the corral gate.  When I’m over there helping, I usually end up arguing with him.  So, if you hear about a crazy lady arguing with a bull out in the middle of nowhere, that’s me.

On the plus side, I’m pretty sure Walnut has done his job and both cows appear to be pregnant according to my inexperienced eye.  Stay tuned for birth announcements!

Oh . . . and don’t let your husband sell your car while you take a nap.

Peace, Love, Cadillacs & Cows!

Hoosier Barn Chick

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