I’m A Bad Girl . . . Sometimes

Yesterday I missed my post a day . . . which I had just started a few days ago.  Not a great start, right?

I have an excuse.   And, it really is only an excuse.  I was in quite a bit of pain yesterday.  You see, in 1999 I was driving my motorcycle one Sunday afternoon.  I was at an intersection and had the bike in gear.  My small hand slipped off the brake and I shot into the intersection.  Unfortunately, it was already occupied by a delivery truck when I got there.

The end results were a broken a hand, a shattered femur and a lot of bumps and bruises.  Yes, I was wearing a helmet.  The impact was so hard that it literally knocked my shoes off.

The femur was repaired by going through two surgeries to insert a metal rod in it.  A two week hospital stay was followed by months of physical therapy and learning to walk all over again.  For several years I walked with an obvious limp.  Now the limp is only noticeable when I’m really tired or in a lot of pain.  I say a lot of pain because my scar tissue still hurts to some degree every single day.

Recently I’ve been having a problem with my other hip. . . aka the “good” hip.  It feels like a pinched nerve.  Some days it’s annoying.  Some days, like yesterday, it makes me miserable.  I really didn’t have it in me to come up with a post.  And, being new to this, I did not have any drafts that were close enough to being finished to just polish up and publish.

The how-to-blog book that I’ve been reading says that you have to write 500 words a day, even if you don’t publish it.  I probably could’ve pushed through it but I was exhausted from the pain and couldn’t concentrate.

I DID get a tiny bit of Baby River’s third blanket done.  The store did not have the same exact color of the yarn when I went last week.  So, it’s slightly different.  His love of the blanket seems to be the texture though so I am hoping this passes his test.

The Start of Baby River’s New Blanket

I’m hoping to finish it up this weekend because I have a chicken to do next  . . . more on the chicken tomorrow.  It has a cute story behind it.

A journey of 1,000 miles and all that stuff . . .

Peace, Love & Whatever

Hoosier Barn Chick

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