Oh Sssssnapssssss!

pexels-photo-209112.jpegThe Barn is on 80 plus acres touching the Morgan-Monroe State Forest.  The Forestry is about 24,000 acres.  It was originally privately owned but the settlers in the area discovered that it wasn’t good land to farm.  In 1929 the state of Indiana bought it and it has been developed into a great recreational area in South Central Indiana.  It offers camping, hiking, gold panning, hunting and even has lodging . . . including a primitive cabin.  You can find out more about the forestry here.

But, I sort of got distracted.  Sort of . . . because it affects a lot of my life at The Barn.  Besides lost people, it means that I live in an area where there are a LOT of critters.  Most recently I’ve been fighting the war of the mice.  Since The Barn is old, there are lots of places for them to get in.  I am a huge fan of the old-fashioned snap trap with peanut butter as bait.  They are cheap and work great.  As a matter of fact, we have a container known at the “mouse” peanut butter so that any germs on the trap don’t get in the peanut butter that we actually eat.  I’ve tried the sticky traps and they just prolong their death.

So . . . last night I heard the trap in the bedroom trigger.  As I was getting ready for work, The Hubby told me I had a friend on my side of the bed.  I told him I had heard the trap and was going to throw the mouse out.

The Baby Ring-Necked Snake In My Bedroom

He then told me I had TWO friends on my side of the bed.  To be honest, there was a long moment when I tried to figure out how I caught two mice at once.

I walked over to where he was standing and found a ring-necked snake.  Alive.
Granted it was less than six inches long, but I was annoyed.  Last month I had found several about that size.  I thought I was through with them for a bit.  I’m guessing that the rain pushed it indoors.  Or, it could be that the cat spent several hours in the enclosed back porch while I flea fogged The Barn.  At any rate, they are not poisonous snakes.  This is important to know in our neck of the woods where rattlesnakes and copperheads (which are poisonous no matter how young they are) are common.

The Hubby headed for the coffee maker leaving me to deal with a dead mouse and a live snake.  It’s always interesting at The Barn.

Peace, Love & Wild Animals

Hoosier Barn Chick

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