The Barn Cast & Crew – Dinky The Fierce


I am an animal lover.  It’s no secret that it’s hard for me to resist the critters.  Well, the tame critters, not the wild ones around my house.

Last summer, an employee at my day job came running into the office stating that she could hear kittens somewhere in her truck.  After tracking down the sound to the underside of the truck. we removed the spare tire and found 3 female kittens in it.  It only took one look at them for me to ask if she was looking for homes for them.  She was.  You guessed it, I brought home a kitten that day.

Dinky The Fierce

Now Dinky The Fierce is all grown up.  She’s such a tiny cat but she makes up for it with a big personality.  I often joke that , like me, she’s bipolar.  Days on end I pretty much only see her hanging out on the beams of The Boy’s loft bedroom that overlooks the living room.  Then, suddenly, she will be all over me and purring.

DTF on her normal perch


The Hubby is not fond of her.  He’s not a big fan of cats.  The Boy loves her but she rarely lets him pet her and she hates for anyone to actually hold her.  Everything, like a lot of cats, is on her terms.

She hates everyone but me, and most days she’s not that fond of me.  It doesn’t matter.20170212_173941

I love her anyways.

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