The Barn Cast & Crew – The Boy

13902575_10210147530347597_4480158276931805146_nAhhh, The Boy.

Over 11 years ago he came into our lives.

He was a hefty 8 lbs and 8 oz.  And over a week late.  He was a much wanted baby.  I had been pregnant the year before and had a miscarriage shortly after discovering I was pregnant.  So, with that, and being an only child, he has been spoiled.  He’s the last of the grandchildren on both sides of the family which doesn’t help.

Now that we live next door to my in-laws, he pretty much lives over there.  He comes and goes from our house here and there.  But, he rarely stays at our house much more than an hour at a time.  When he is grounded and has to stay home,  the in-laws complain that they miss him and come over to visit.

He’s pretty amazing.  Being around adults the majority of the time, he knows a lot about things like gardening, trees, canning, cooking, animals (both wild and not so wild) and hunting.

I’m sure he will appear a lot in this blog.  He’s made life frustrating, hilarious and interesting.

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