Bigfoot or Not Bigfoot?

That is the question.

Several years ago The Hubby bought a gilley suit.  If you aren’t familiar with these, the military developed them as camo and they have become popular with hunters as well.

As a joke, he put it on and went and stood on our property during low light for me to take a picture and post it.  I’m not a believer in Bigfoot.  And I assumed that most people I know aren’t either.  Little did I know that this one picture would create a shitstorm.  My post simply said something along the lines of “what is this?”.  Friends who I would have never guessed to be Bigfoot believers came out of the woodwork to discuss it.  Many were adamant about it.  What amazed me even more was the number of people I knew who said that they (or someone close to them) had seen Bigfoot.

Bigfoot? Fact or Fiction?
Bigfoot?  Fact or Fiction?

Several years ago, Finding Bigfoot did an episode that included the Morgan-Monroe State Forest which our property actually extends to.  The forestry is also popular with paranormal groups who are in search of Bigfoot.

I have to say that the money spent on the gilley suit was worth every penny.

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