Monday Motivation

I am not a big fan of motivational posters and quotes.  But, sometimes you find one that resonates with you.  While researching ideas to come up with at least four weeks of posts, the “motivational quote” prompt came up.  (Insert Eye Roll Here)  But, after some clicking, I came up with one that I felt was inspiring, but not too corny.

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What draws me to this one?  It addresses a couple of factors in our lives.  The first is the fear of failure or change.  These are often really one thing.  The second is how to make changes in your life without freaking yourself out or overhauling your entire life all at once.

In honor of my vow to FLY again by using Baby Steps, this is my new mantra.  Until my short attention span runs out . . . oh look, a squirrel!

Peace, Love & Tiny Tweaks

Hoosier Barn Chick


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