Don’t Call It A Headache!

I personally cannot stand it when someone refers to migraines as a headache.  If you’ve every had a migraine, you know the difference.

Due to chronic migraines, I’ve been on preventative meds for several years.  Last year I decided to give up the meds and get a daith piercing.

If you aren’t familiar with daith piercing, it works on the theory of acupuncture.  There is a part of your ear called the helix.  When that is pierced, the pressure there should help prevent migraines.

For $20 I decided to give it a try at the local tattoo shop.  I had my most problematic side done.  It really helped!  Later I went back and had the other side done.  It’s rare for me to have migraines now (even without the preventative meds) and the ones I have are USUALLY not as bad as before.  Yes, I still get some here and there (but not a couple of times a week like I used to) and once in a while I have a whopper of one.  But, overall, it’s made a huge difference in the quality of life for me.

I’ve had some friends have theirs done too after they learned of the success I had and they’ve had great results too.

I like that having both cost me $40 (including jewelry) and that I’m now off all preventative meds.  You can have prettier and fancier jewelry.  I just chose something small and utilitarian.  I’ve actually had mine changed to tiny hoops instead of the barbell ones I had in these pictures.

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