My Lack Of Motivation

My recent lack of motivation seems to be epic.  Not only am I slacking on my Baby Steps, I’m just slacking on everything in general.  I’m blaming it on the upcoming time change.


You see, during the time I was growing up in Indiana (I’ve actually lived in Kentucky (twice) and Tennessee, I never really worried about the time change.  I lived in an area that didn’t bother with the whole daylight savings time thing.  Indiana pretty much ignored it other than some counties here and there and that was because they were near major cities in other states.

However, in 2006, it was decided that we would join the rest of the country in the clock changing madness.  I remember the year because that was the year The Boy was born.  Unfortunately, it was decided we would be on Eastern time.  This makes no sense because we are surrounded by states that are on Central time.  Leave it to Indiana to start getting with the system while bucking the system at the same time.

What most people probably don’t realize is that the Department of Commerce determines Daylight Savings Time.  Seems weird to me.  But, in a way I guess it makes sense.

So why Daylight Savings Time?  The general theory is about energy conservation.  Since we typically spend more time at home in the evening, it works to keep the daylight hours longer in the evening and so we use less energy.  Unless it’s really cold in Indiana and you use more energy to heat your house while you are home.

Who thought of it?  Benjamin Franklin is known to be the first person to come up with the concept.  But, in the end, other people advocated and implemented it.

Halloween has actually changed the timing of Daylight Savings Time.  Why?  Because child pedestrian deaths are more common at Halloween.  A LOT more common.  In order to help prevent some of these, we don’t change our clocks until after Halloween in order to give the kids more daylight hours to grab some candy.

Daylight Savings Time even prevented several bombing deaths in the 1990’s.  There was an intended attack on the West Bank.  The terrorists who sent the bombs to Israeli counter parts forgot to relay the time change . . . and the people who were to plant the bomb were actually killed while delivering it . . . instead of killing the intended victims.

Along with Halloween, election days have affected the timing.  The theory is that more people will go vote after work if it’s still light out.  I like to vote before work, but there must be some statistics to support it if we’ve adjusted the nation’s timetable because of it.

So, blame my lack of motivation on whatever you want.  I’m sticking with the impending “Fall Back” Theory.

Peace, Love & Time Travel

Hoosier Barn Chick

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