I Never Finish Any . . .

c4f0e5e625a0a0812b8887425e6aea67--funny-motivational-quotes-hilarious-quotesI am Queen of the Damned Projects.  Why are they damned?  Because I’m horrible about finishing things . . . anything at all!

My house is filled with projects in various states of progress.  Some of them only have the supplies bought and nothing done at all.

So, last night, as I sat down to make two ear warmer headbands that were requested by co-workers, The Hubby looked over and stared at me for several seconds.

“What’s that?”

“It’s an ear warmer headband.  I’m making them for the cleaning girls at work.”

“What happened to the chicken?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Do you ever finish anything?”

“Not usually.”

Secretly I know that I really need to finish up the chicken.  It’s been the victim of several excuses.  They range from not having the time, to not feeling like it, to not liking the size of certain features.  I just need to get it freaking done!

I “finished” the ear warmer headbands and sewed them together . . . and hated them.
Back to the drawing board!

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