The F Word

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I have to say that I’m REALLY looking forward to the weekend this week.  Not sure why, but I had to drag myself through this week.

It could be that on Tuesday I woke up to a massive storm of HUGE snowflakes, drove to work in the snow and dark, worked 9 hours and then drove home in the almost dark and pouring rain.

It could be that I’ve just lost all motivation.  As I look through all the “projects” on my plate, I see that I still haven’t finished October’s read.  I haven’t started November’s read . . . although I DID pick it out and put it on my Kindle.

September’s mystery crochet project hasn’t been started.  River’s 3rd blanket is still ALMOST finished.  The chicken is not quite done.

Oh goodness, I was all excited about Friday and now all I can think of is all of the stuff that I need to finish up over the weekend.

I need a little time to organize and center myself.  I guess I’ll fit that in somewhere too.



Peace, Love & The F Word

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