The Show Must Go On


Despite feeling crabby this weekend (see how I did that?) I realized that the world needs to continue turning even when I feel it’s spinning out of control.

Friday night was spent (as most are) having dinner with some dear friends.  When the guys aren’t gone on tournaments, the four of us meet in town for dinner.  A couple of glasses of wine and a steak had me feeling slightly better after a shitty week.

Sunday I worked on the chicken and made quite a bit of progress!  I’m down to adding details and then I can hand her over to be given as a birthday gift for the granddaughter of a friend.

But, Sunday brought with it a lot of chaos.  It started raining Sunday afternoon/evening.  That’s not uncommon in Indiana for this time of year.  But, then it produced thunder and lightning.  That’s a little uncommon this time of year.  Then it poured . . . for several hours straight.

As I was working on the chicken and mumbling to myself about not having tv or internet due to the rain, The Hubby came into the bedroom and asked me where the water came from.  Apparently our bedroom had flooded while I was in there . . . and I hadn’t even noticed.  I quickly threw some towels down and we ran outside  (in the rain, the cold and the dark) and helped The Hubby unclog the drain that goes from our back yard to the creek.  Then we went along the creek line checking for branches and other debris clogging it up so that it would flow away from the house quicker.

Back inside (soaking wet) I still had to clean up the pond in our bedroom which also involved unplugging stuff from the electrical outlets along the wall where the worst of the flooding had happened.  It felt like it was midnight when we got done.  But, thanks to the time change, it was only around 6:30 pm.

We discussed that I might not make it to work on Monday morning if the creek didn’t go down because it crosses our driveway.  I went to bed with the start of a migraine and decided that it would be a “wait and see” thing about making it to work.

Fate had its own plans for me Monday morning.  The creek was down enough to cross . . . but the migraine had gone full blown on me.  So, most of the day was spent cursing migraines and praying for it to let up.

And now, here I am, back at the day job.  Because . . . the show must go on . . . even with a little bit of residual migraine.

Sigh.  I need to win the lottery.

Peace, Love & Chaos


Hoosier Barn Chick.

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