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pexels-photo-191842I have about a 30 minute or so commute to work and then another back home each evening.  My mind often wanders (as I’m sure most do) during the drive.  I don’t think I notice the scenery very often.  I’m just always in a hurry to get where I’m going.  It’s a shame because the bulk of the drive is through the country.

Recently my train of thought was on commuting.  Since The Barn is on the edge of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest, getting to town –any town– involves a commute.  While quite a few of my co-workers would think that my on-the-road time is outrageous, I am used to it.  But, what IS the average commute?

After some travel along the information highway, I came upon some really interesting American Work Life Factoids:

  • The average commute for Americans is a little over 25 minutes each way.
  • At any point in time, almost 45% of Americans are on the road to or from work.
  • A whopping 86% of commuters take a car to work.  Bikes, motorcycles, cabs, trains and the bus are other popular ways to get to work.
  • Surprisingly, 76% of commuters do it alone.  No carpool for them!
  • Out of around 143 plus million commuters, four million or so actually WALK to work.  Is walking to work commuting?  I guess it is technically.

And once you get there, what happens?

  • Well, the average American works around 35 hours per week.  That seems kind of low to me considering I rarely work 40 or fewer hours a week.
  • Nearly 40% of Americans work 50 or more hours per week.
  • Doing some (really) rough calculations in my head, in an average day, I’m awake about an hour before I have to leave for work.  I work (on average) nine hours a day.  I’m home around three hours before I get in bed to watch a little tv before falling asleep.  But, in those three hours, dinner has to be made, dishes need washed, homework needs done, laundry needs done, the dog and cat need taken care of, the trash needs to be taken out . . .not a whole lot of those three hours are really quality time with my family.

Kind of makes you wonder what your priorities really are sometimes.

Remember, chase after the dream . . . don’t chase after the money.

Peace, Love & Exhaustion

Hoosier Barn Chick

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