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I forgot what I was looking for but I’m pretty sure I didn’t find it.

My day job is one that requires me to be able to jump from one fire to the next.  It’s rarely calm enough to actually be able to plan ahead.  It’s more of a reaction kind of job.  Whichever fire is burning the highest gets the most attention.

The most urgent situation involved inspection paperwork.  A search in our files (we do so much on paper that I’m amazed we don’t lose more) shined the light on the fact that we were missing a file.  So, instead of looking for the needed paperwork, we had to look for the file.

Eventually the file was located.  I volunteered to look through the file to find the necessary papers.  I got to the end of the file and my fabulous quote came hurling out of my mouth (you see, my filter between my brain and mouth has never worked) like a skee ball being thrown by a drunk arcade goer.  I think it summed up my day perfectly.

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Peace, Love & Paperwork

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