Oh Deer!

It’s deer season in Indiana.  Bow season started on October 1 and gun season (except for muzzleloader) starts November, 18th – this weekend!

I’m not an avid hunter.  And, I’m not very serious when I hunt.  To be honest, I do a LOT of goofing around out in the woods.  I don’t even hunt the entire season.

I got started hunting when I decided to give it a try when I turned 40.  1465129_10202720414754349_2009637176_n

I have to admit that I was hooked instantly.  It’s not about killing the deer . . . although I appreciate getting the chance to put meat on the table . . . it’s about the peacefulness of nature, the excitement of not knowing if you will see anything and the friendship.  You bond automatically when you hunt together.  Jokes are told, smack talk happens and you share what you saw (or didn’t see) with each other.  You celebrate with others who had a successful hunt, you commiserate with each other when the deer get the best of you and you enjoy the support of your fellow hunters when you bag a deer.

We start well before light at my in-laws’ house.  Breakfast is served, plans are made and everyone gears up and waits for light.

By the end of the last hunt for the day, everyone’s so tired that we usually aren’t even hungry.  But if someone managed to get a deer, we have to skin it and hang it.

Then, during the season (usually on weekdays if we can manage it) we all meet up to process the deer.  I’ve done this for so many years that it seems like forever.  I started with the easiest job which is simply labeling each packet of meat as to what type it is.  Over the years I’ve graduated.  I can grind burger, cube steaks and tenderloins, wrap meat (which is an art form in and of itself) and keep track of which deer belongs to which hunter to make sure the proper tag gets put with the right deer and that everyone gets all of their meat.  It’s not uncommon for me to do all of those jobs at once when we are short handed.

So, it’s time to start getting all of the gear ready for deer season.  That’s a job that’s exhausting all by itself.  By the time I get everything ready, I may be too tired to actually hunt.

Peace, Love & Deer Season

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