Living Simply


Living at The Barn is often its own part-time job.  Living “simply” often means being busy at the lifestyle.  There’s grass to mow, leaves to blow, wood to cut and stack, trees that need removed after falling, “roads” to maintain, wood to bring in, feeding the woodstove, mice to catch, massive amount of housework to be done (made worse by the size of The Barn and the fact that we heat with an indoor wood stove) and all of  the stuff that comes with living in a house where outdoor activities are a way of life.

Today is no exception.  While the guys are out deer hunting (I managed to come down with a wicked cold yesterday) I need to do some organizing, cleaning, run some errands, finish up a few crochet projects and hopefully work on some videos.  Oh, and I need a manicure.  Just because a girl can hang with the guys doesn’t mean she can’t do it with pretty lavender or pink nails!

What I realized last night as I made a mental list of all I wanted to get done this weekend is that sometimes the simple things bring you back to your center.  Crocheting makes me calmer.  Puttering in the kitchen make me happy.  And playing with Daisy Doodle is a surefire way to forget about the stress of my day.

Last night, as Daisy was being her normal crazy self, The Hubby wanted to play with her.  He grabbed one of her many beloved toys and she began to play.  But, when I got up to go do something, the toy became much less enticing and she would follow me around.  I say follow me around.  But really I mean be right by my side making sure at least part of her body was touching me at all times.  She frequently steps on my feet.  I felt really bad about it.  The Hubby isn’t a big pet fanatic.  And the fact that he wanted to play with her was a big deal.

So, he wanted to move to training with her.  First of all, when she is in full-force Daisy Doodle mode, training is nearly impossible.  She is a big bundle of energy.  He was not having a whole lot of success with her.

He handed me a treat and I let her be crazy for a few more minutes.  Then, I started with the “sit” command.  It didn’t take but a few tries before I just had to hold the treat up and look at her and you could see her working through the process in her brain and her big wagging rump would hit the ground.

Daisy Doodle and I are good for each other.  I try to make an effort to gauge her energy before deciding what would be best for her to do.  And, she reminds me that sometimes you just need to play and not worry about what comes next.

I have said for years that a house is not a home without a pet.  But, Daisy Doodle is way more than a pet.  She is my reminder to love unconditionally, don’t judge people by the day you’ve had and to just go after life like a ball being thrown across the yard.

Love, Peace & Finding Your Center

Hoosier Barn Chick


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