Chicken Little!


I’ve been working on The Chicken for a couple of months.  Last weekend I got a hair up my ass and actually made some progress with it.

Last night I FINALLY finished it!

It’s not bad considering it’s my first foray into arigurumi and that it’s based off of several different patterns and some free-form of my own.

I even added a nest and two eggs to go with it!

Can’t wait to give it to my friend who is giving it to her granddaughter as a birthday present!

Baby River’s third blanket is now complete.  I added a couple of lovey squares for him to carry around.

Next on the list is two earwarmer headbands, four teddy bears and three lapghans . . . all by Christmas!

Oh, and I still need to START the blanket yarn crochet along that I believe started in September.

Maybe after all that is done, I’ll sit down and learn to quilt . . . maybe.

Peace, Love & Hooking!

Hoosier Barn Chick

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