Super Chewer Bark Box – Review

20171022_184005Ok, Daisy Doodle AKA Wonder Lab is a natural born chewer.  Seriously, she will chew anything she can get her teeth on.

So, I decided to give the whole Super Chewer Bark Box a try.  If you pay monthly, it’s $40 a month.

First of all, I can’t believe how quick it came.  I got it only a few days after signing up!

The theme for this month was Dog Vs. Wild.

This is what was included in the box:


We decided to try the Real Bacon Rocking Dental Chew out first.  She jumped on it and took it to her bed right away and began working on it.  It’s held up pretty well so far.  Sometimes she chews on it by herself and sometimes she brings it to me so that we can play tug together with it.

The Banana Safari Snacks are one of her favorite things.  She goes nuts when I get the package out of the “doggie” drawer.  Yes, she already knows which drawer it is.  I think she can smell the treats in it.  She will often go stand at the drawer and look at me.  The Safari Snacks are really soft like a real cookie.  They must taste great with the way she gobbles them up.

The Pig Ear Chew went over great too.  However, it only took about an hour of chewing  before she had it soggy.  It didn’t seem to deter her from going back to it though.  It must have made her thirsty though because I found it in her water bowl at one point.  My guess is that it was in her mouth when she got a drink and fell into the water.

Th Mac And Cheese treats have also been a hit.  I have used them when we work on training to sit.  We also use the Beef Burger Treats for training.  I try to mix it up to make it exciting for her.

The blue thing is a hit and miss item. She likes that it rolls and bounces but I’m not really sure she likes it to chew on.

All in all, it was ok.  I’m not sure if it was really a super deal.  We’ll wait on the next one to make a final decision.



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