Oh Look! A Squirrel!


Puttering around The Barn brings me back to my center . . . and makes me brainstorm like crazy.  I don’t really need any more projects on my plate . . . but inspiration hit.

Due to my short attention span, I’ve only seen parts of Julie & Julia.  But, the parts that I saw burrowed into my brain and made a happy little home there.  I love to cook.  Why not take a journey?

So, it’s decided.  In 2018, I will work my way through two cookbooks as a series for my blog and as a learning experience for myself.

My current top choices are The Joy of Cooking and Baking:  From My Home To Yours.  I’m not ready to commit to those two books just yet.  But, I’m pretty sure The Joy of Cooking will be my final choice for the first one.  It’s a classic.  How could I go wrong with it?  The other choice will most likely be a dessert cookbook.  Let’s face it, I’m a sweets fanatic.

Don’t get me wrong, there are THOUSANDS of awesome cookbooks out there.  But, I want to stay away from one specific type of cuisine.  I’m sure The Hubby wouldn’t appreciate eating Mexican (or any other kind of food) EVERY week.  It would get old.

I’ll spend the next few weeks researching cookbooks and make my final choice.  Then, it’s off on my journey to learning, eating and growing.  Hopefully my photography skills will improve too!

Peace, Love & Yummmmmmm

Hoosier Barn Chick

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