Don’t Mind Me

Did I mention that the holidays are hell when you are bipolar?  The stress is unbelievable.  Think of it like this:

  • It’s a very social time of the year.
  • At least one instance will require you to dress up or wear some special sort of theme items/outfit.
  • Lots of unusual items to be done on your list
  • Lots of deadlines . . . post office, shopping, cooking etc.
  • Lots of things to remember
  • Money seems to disappear from your bank account
  • Did I mention it’s a very social time of the year?

UGH!  While the Cast & Crew of The Barn strive to celebrate the holidays by being with the ones we love (yup, lots of social time), I still feel the pressure of the holidays on me.

I can sum it up . . .


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