The Barn Is A Little Batty

Indiana Bats

Last week I was just drifting off into a Nyquil induced sleep when I felt The Hubby jerk a couple of times.  I rolled over to ask him what he was doing.

ME:  What the **** are you doing?

HIM:  There’s a bat in the bedroom. (As he’s pulling the covers over his head) You need to take care of it.

ME:  (Sighing) Ok.

I go into the garage to look for a net but don’t see one.  So, I begin looking for the bat although I don’t know how I’m going to catch it.  I spend several minutes looking for it and get back into bed.

HIM:  How am I supposed to sleep with a bat in the house?

I didn’t even answer him.  I just went to sleep again.

The next evening, we’re sitting in the living room when the bat flies just over our heads.

ME:  The bat is in here somewhere.  Help me find it.

We begin looking where I thought the bat was.  With a flashlight, we find the bat above one of the built in bookcases.

ME:  Go get a step stool and I’ll catch him.

HIM:  I’ll go get a gun and shoot it.

ME:  WHAT?  Go get a step stool.

He went and got a step ladder, I grabbed a jacket, had him shine a flashlight at the bat and I carefully caught the little guy.  He was NOT happy about it.  We took it outside and let it go.

The whole episode got me to thinking about how bats are getting into The Barn and why they would be flying around in December.

With a little snooping on the internet, I learned quite a bit about our bats:

  • There are 13 documented species of bats in Indiana.
  • Six of these species live mostly underground . . . that means caves in south central Indiana
  • Four species here are mostly found during their reproductive and migratory seasons.
  • The other three species are very rarely seen.
  • All species of bats in Indiana live strictly on insects and they are all listed as ‘special concern” or “state endangered”.
  • There is even an Indiana bat although it’s found in other places in the midwest besides Indiana.  From photos I looked at, I’m pretty sure that’s what our little intruder was.

My only guess as to why the bat was even around to get in The Barn is that we have had an exceptionally mild fall and start to winter.  Now that it’s turned really cold recently, he has probably had to forage for food in order to hibernate or migrate.

Hopefully we won’t be finding any other visitors like him in the near future.

Peace, Love & Battiness

Hoosier Barn Chick

4 thoughts on “The Barn Is A Little Batty”

  1. I love the gun comment – at least he didn’t go through with that plan. Otherwise, I feel it would have been one of those things to file under “things that sounded like a better idea at the time than they actually were.”

    1. There was a brief argument that I left out of the conversation concerning the safety issues of shooting a gun in the house and that I also didn’t want to clean up bat guts.

  2. I love your bat story! Being who I am, though, I feel compelled to mention that bats can carry rabies in their saliva. They don’t have to bite you–the virus can get into tiny breaks in your skin. If this had been me, I would give my local health department a call and see if I needed rabies prophylaxis. I’ve had to take it myself, a few years back, after an exposure. I was nervous about it but it turned out to be painless (no, they don’t give the shots in your stomach anymore). Much better than wondering if I was going to get rabies!


    1. I used a thick jacket and then it went right into the washer. I wasn’t sure exactly what diseases bats could carry but I didn’t want to chance it. I just hope with the cold weather coming that he found his way back home or found a new safe place to “hang out”.

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