A Woman & A (Sort Of) Plan

My PlanIt’s alternating between snowing and raining here in South Central Indiana.  No big shock there.  We have known it was coming for days and I was smart enough to plan for it.

So, on the schedule for this long weekend away from The Day Job:

  • Working on a mason jar post
  • Daisy Doodle needs a bath
  • Making a crochet video or maybe two
  • The usual chores
  • Looking through the cookbooks I chose for my 2018 series
  • Finishing a teddy bear
  • Researching quilting
  • Wrapping a few presents for The Boy
  • Increasing the number of blogs I follow by 20
  • Reading
  • Nursing this stupid sinus/head cold I have had for weeks
  • Planning 28 blog posts
  • Drafting at least 10 blog posts
  • Working on prepping next year’s planner
  • Enjoying the quiet time

Peace, Love & Inner Peace!

Hoosier Barn Chick

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