The Dead Zone & Bacon

breakfast-meat-roll-lettuceWe’re officially in what I call The Dead Zone.  Yesterday I finished up The Day Job for 2017.  I won’t be going back until 01.03.2018.  Kind of weird.

So, with the major holidays over (we’re too old to do much for New Year’s Eve), I have four whole days that are just mine.  No rushing around to do any special shopping, no social obligations . . . just peace and quiet.  Well, other than the fact that it’s still deer season.  But even that is winding down.

What to do with these four days?  I think Daisy Doodle needs to start some serious training.  So far I’ve only worked on trying to get her to NOT jump on people.  It’s a work in progress.  And, I can now get her to go straight into her crate because she knows treats are given when she goes in it.  “Sit” is hit and miss with her.  I really need to start training her on the invisible fence.  I’m sure she’ll love exploring the yard without me always watching over her.  We play a lot together, but she needs to explore on her own too.

My 2018 reading list is planned.  I only have one prompt not nailed down.  That’s because it’s a book published in 2018 . . . and obviously we aren’t there yet.

For now, I’ll just get some general chores done around the house and enjoy all of the quiet time.

I might have to have some bacon today too.  It IS National Bacon day (started in 1997) after all.

Peace, Love & Rest

Hoosier Barn Chick

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