Quality Time With Dead Fish

pexels-photo-229789Yup, you read that right.

Relationship experts are always spewing forth the importance of quality time.  I don’t disagree with this.  But, the first go-to solution they have is usually date night.  That’s great . . . if you have the time and energy.

With The Day Job for me, our construction company, The Boy, Daisy Doodle, Dinky The Fierce & Walnut & His Girls, it’s sometimes hard for us to carve out time for a date night.  Even if it’s just having dinner with friends.

Yesterday, The Hubby went ice fishing with a cousin.  He was gone when I woke up and didn’t come home until around supper time.  We had dinner, he surfed his phone and then we headed to the garage. . . to a bucket of dead fish that needed tended to.

So, as he cut the meat from the fish and I deboned the meat, we got to have some quality time together.  The conversation wasn’t all that romantic . . . or really all that plentiful.  But, we enjoyed the time together.

I can’t begin to tell you how much meat we have processed together over the years.  It’s a good thing I’m not squeamish about it.  We’ve done probably a thousand fish, hundreds of deer and even some chickens over the course of the almost 15 years we’ve been married.

So, yeah, the experts may have advice . . . but I think the lesson here is to think outside the box with your relationship.  It doesn’t have to be a romantic dinner, or pizza and Netflix . . .or whatever.  Just do what works for you in that moment in time.  It’s a nugget of wisdom I need to remember.

Peace, Love & Little Moments

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