A (Not So) Day Off

26219529_1539040756145825_5825292466308455833_nSigh.  Wednesday I was way too exhausted to bother with the blog.  And, I’ve run out of drafts . . . so everything has to start from scratch.

Yesterday I woke up, went to work and then threw up on the floor not long after I got there.  Got sent home.  I was not happy about it.  But, the department that I work on at The Day Job sends you home if you throw up or if you are running a fever.  You can be sent home for other symptoms of being sick but those are the two big ones.  You see, with working in such tight quarters (my department works in the basement of an old house that serves as our office) we have pretty strict rules about not coming to work sick.  I guess Wednesday was the beginning of being sick and I just didn’t realize it.

So, after coming home, I took some anti nausea meds and pretty much lived on pineapple juice (my head was pounding) and some crackers here and there.

This morning I woke up not feeling 100% but feeling good enough (with some anti nausea meds) to go to work.  I was about 10 minutes from leaving The Barn when I got the text.  Our office was closed for the day.  Not only do we have some horrible plague going thru the office but the weather was bad.  During the night freezing rain had developed.  Actually it was quite a bit of it.  And 2-5 inches of snow were forecast after that.

I still had to go into town though.  We had some business to get done for our construction company.  So, we had a nail biting and nerve wrecking trip.  We actually lost traction at an intersection and nearly crashed into one of the poles that help suspend the traffic lights.  Luckily The Hubby was a cool cucumber and we stopped less than a foot from the pole.

Now we’re safely back at The Barn.  But, snow needs plowed from the drive.  The walks need shoveled, wood needs brought in and Daisy Doodle needs another bath.

Some day off huh?

Peace, Love & Warm Thoughts

Hoosier Barn Chick

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