Me? Sidetracked?

Yup!  Besides getting a massive ear infection to go with this sinus infection . . . I’m sitting here with a piece of onion in my ear . . . I’m willing to do just about anything but go on antibiotics . . . I have been working on a side project (when I feel up to it) to pitch at The Day Job.

We are in dire need of a database.  Somewhere that we can store all of our stuff.  So, of course, I decided to teach myself Access in order to do it.  It’s a slow and painful process but I’m getting there.

I’m mostly on track to finish my four books for the month.  Haven’t even started thinking about the cookbook challenge I set for myself.  And haven’t picked up any yarn since around Christmas.


The Hubby says I always have too many projects that I want to do.  Right now I think I’ll just chill with Netflix.

Peace, Love & Whatever

Hoosier Barn Chick

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