Shift Work

I often wonder if other people feel like they do multiple jobs in one day . . . in shifts.

For instance, I have The Day Job.  I come home from it, check to see if The Boy has homework (actually I usually check that online during the day), fix dinner, feed and water Daisy Doodle and Dinky The Fierce, start the dishwasher, do laundry (although The Hubby does most of the laundry), help haul in wood or work in the garden, do any paperwork needed for our construction . . . etc.

So, I have The Day Job Shift, The Mom Shift, The Barn Living Shift, The CEO Shift, The Animal Shift and on . . . and on . . . and on.

Today is Valentine’s Day.  To be honest, The Hubby and I don’t make a big deal of it.  We don’t need a specific day to celebrate what we have.

And, since there was billing for our company to do, we were both tired and there was leftover pizza in the refrig, we opted to skip the crowds and just hang out at The Barn.

As a matter of fact, right now I am sitting with a foot peel on my feet.  I keep reading reviews and watching videos and I’ve been dying to try it.

Tonight seemed like the perfect night.  The billing is done, the critters are fed and we’re watching Moonshiners on the DVR while I have my feet in the plastic bag like wraps for the foot peel.

So, single, married, divorced, newly in love, whatever I hope that everyone enjoyed the day their own way.

Peace, Love & Find Your Tribe & Your Own Way

Hoosier Barn Chick

Searching For Words

I think I’m finally approaching the back side of the worst of the sinus infection (thanks to pineapple juice) and the ear infection is gone.

All I can say is that I’m exhausted.  But isn’t that what a lot of of us with mental illness say all of the time?  I feel like it’s all I say sometimes.

The last several days I’ve been thinking about words.  Words to do with mental illness.  Sure, you have meds, therapy, episodes and the like.  But I sort of have my own vocab that I feel goes with my bipolar.  I often wonder if other people do too…

For instance, I am always aware of my struggle timeline.  This is my term for the space of time that I feel that I can deal with things. Most of the time, my struggle timeline is a week. This is pretty good for me.

Sometimes my struggle timeline is a few days . . . or even one day.  I feel as if I won’t survive that day or two.  And, once in a while, the struggle timeline is only a few hours long.  I have to drag myself through everything one hour at a time.

I’m sure there are other terms that I use with myself.  That’s what I’ve been mulling over recently.

That and the fact that I want to continue my education.  Not sure how I think that is even possible at the moment.

It is what it is . . . and I think that I’m back.


Peace, Love & Self-Understanding

Hoosier Barn Chick