Searching For Words

I think I’m finally approaching the back side of the worst of the sinus infection (thanks to pineapple juice) and the ear infection is gone.

All I can say is that I’m exhausted.  But isn’t that what a lot of of us with mental illness say all of the time?  I feel like it’s all I say sometimes.

The last several days I’ve been thinking about words.  Words to do with mental illness.  Sure, you have meds, therapy, episodes and the like.  But I sort of have my own vocab that I feel goes with my bipolar.  I often wonder if other people do too…

For instance, I am always aware of my struggle timeline.  This is my term for the space of time that I feel that I can deal with things. Most of the time, my struggle timeline is a week. This is pretty good for me.

Sometimes my struggle timeline is a few days . . . or even one day.  I feel as if I won’t survive that day or two.  And, once in a while, the struggle timeline is only a few hours long.  I have to drag myself through everything one hour at a time.

I’m sure there are other terms that I use with myself.  That’s what I’ve been mulling over recently.

That and the fact that I want to continue my education.  Not sure how I think that is even possible at the moment.

It is what it is . . . and I think that I’m back.


Peace, Love & Self-Understanding

Hoosier Barn Chick




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