YES!!!! We Are Wait-Listed!

checklist-composition-handwriting-1226398.jpgSounds funny to say that.  But, for the online home school system that we applied for that’s our next step.  I finished uploading the remaining documents today.  Wednesday we have another phone conference and should know by the end of the week our new start date.

I can’t say how much of a relief that is.

In other not so wonderful news, we were advised to consult an attorney for filing a lawsuit against the school/school system.  Again, I don’t want to go into details.  I hadn’t planned on filing anything.  But, someone pointed out to me today that what happened to my child in the care of the school system will continue happening until the school and the corporation are forced to do something the things going on.  It weighs heavily on my heart.  It’s not what I want to do.  But, it’s become apparent that it’s what I NEED to do to protect other kids.


Finished my first class for Access today.  It felt good to get it behind me.  I had around 88 lectures I had to do in order to get my certificate.  I’m seriously considering the VBA course next.  But, it’s over 100 lectures!

Other than that, it’s a normal Sunday around here.  The sheets are in the washer.  We’ve gone grocery shopping and hauled water for the cows.  Daisy Doodle is enjoying the use of the invisible fence.

Life is (mostly) good!

Peace, Love & Waiting For Better Things

Hoosier Barn Chick

Suck It Up Saturday!

20181027_123454I decided that I was going to suck it up and get some stuff done today.  Stuff that I’ve been putting off.  Some of these things have been avoided for months.

So . . .

I started with a class I needed to finish.  I’m hoping to finish it today and begin work on the actual project that I took the online class for.

For productive breaks I did the dishes, washed the bathroom rugs and did the thing I’ve been avoiding the most;  I put Daisy Doodle out on our invisible fence.  I’ve been avoiding it because I knew it would be a fight to get the collar on her.  And, I knew that I would have to leave her out there by herself for a while today to get used to it.  I managed to get the collar (with an info tag in case she bolts through the invisible fence) on her, filled up a dog toy with peanut butter and raced back into the house.  I keep going to the window and checking on her every few minutes.  I’m not sure why I’m so freaked out by it.  We had two dogs previously that used the same invisible fence and I never worried about them.  And they loved it!

Maybe after I finish my class I’ll get around to cleaning out my car!

Peace, Love & Weekend Productivity

Hoosier Barn Chick

I’m A Reluctant Home School Mom

0264587bfc530db8c1705821a283ed67--parent-teacher-conferences-homeschool-mom-humor.jpgMy post is late today.  Because what is on my mind makes my heart heavy.

You see, yesterday I gave up on the public school system and pulled my son from it.  I didn’t want to do it.  I’m not sure I’m thrilled about home schooling.  But, for reasons I won’t go into on here, I pulled him.  I just got tired of dealing with the system.  I didn’t even fight or yell . . . or even say anything mean.  I just walked into the school and told them I was pulling my son and to bring him to the office.

In the state of Indiana, you have to notify the government that you are pulling your child from a school system.  So, a quick filled in website form and that was done.  We turned his books, library book and his laptop.  That part was the easy part.

I spent yesterday trying to decide what to do with his education.  I don’t want to send him to a religious school.  I have nothing against them.  It’s just not what I want for my child.

The Hubby vetoed another public school.  That pretty much left us with online home school.  After a little research, I decided to dive in and at least APPLY to one.  I can’t keep his education on hold indefinitely.

A few hours later (including a 15 minute phone interview) and he is provisionally approved for an online home school.  I still have a few items I need to upload this weekend and one more phone call next week.

Here’s the amazing part.  Since it’s a public online school, it’s free.  Any textbooks needed are free.  They provide him with a free laptop while he is enrolled.  And, we will receive partial reimbursement for internet costs.

All that sounds great.  And it is.  But, it still weighs on my heart about if this is the right decision.  I honestly believe that going to a classroom and interacting with real live people is important.  School isn’t just about memorizing facts.  It’s about learning how to deal with situations and people that you aren’t used to.

But, considering the other facts and my other worries, I think this is the right decision for now.

One day at a time right?

Peace, Love & Learning A New Way!

Hoosier Barn Chick

Ugly Truth #6 – I Am A Bad Friend . . .


To myself.

Yup, that sounds weird doesn’t it?  But, I’ve recently realized I am a bad friend to myself.


I do not take the commitments I make to myself seriously.  For instance, I will tell myself that I will clean out my car when I get home.  And, I make dinner, do the dishes, do laundry and do other things that help my family.  Then, I plop down for some serious screen time.

That doesn’t sound so bad does it?  But, if I had a friend who said they would come over to help me clean out my car that evening and they didn’t show . . . I would at least be disappointed.  If they bailed on me regularly, I’d have to reconsider our friendship.

Yet, I bail on myself all of the time!  I say I’m going to eat better, drink more water, go for a walk, clean out the junk drawers in the kitchen . . . and I don’t.

This plays out regularly in my life like a horrible and depressing youtube video on repeat.

We put so much responsibility on ourselves to be the best we can for other people.  We put everyone’s needs and support before our own.  I’m not saying we need to be selfish.  But, we need to remember that we should be just as important to ourselves as other people are to us.

Granted, there are always brief periods of time where we have to put someone else first.  But, that doesn’t mean we get knocked completely off of the calendar.  Or at least it shouldn’t.

By not being a good friend to ourselves, we are telling ourselves that we are not important and not worthy of the time spent.  We are putting ourselves down. . . eating at our self-confidence without even knowing it.

My challenge to you, the warriors of life, is to make sure you are a good friend to yourself.  I’m taking that challenge too!

Peace, Love & Self Respect

Hoosier Barn Chick


achievement-adult-book-1043514.jpgI’ve been trying to nail down my goals.  Seriously.  I’ve been trying.  I’ve researched how to do this.  In my mind, I can kind of see it happening.  But, it’s been a struggle.

So, starting with the research (because I’m a procrastinator at heart) here’s what I’ve learned.  The best method for goal setting seems to the SMART acronym.

What Does SMART Mean?

To make sure your goals are clear and reachable, each one should be:

  • Specific
    • Your goals must be specific.  Generalizations need to be broken down until you have a destination . . . not just a vague path.
  • Measurable
    • There must be some way to measure your progress.  If you can’t see how far you’ve come and how far you need to go, you’ll lose momentum.
  • Achievable
    • Your goal must be attainable.  On the flip side of that coin, make sure that you’re goal is a stretch for yourself and your normal comfort zone.
  • Relevant
    • Make sure your goal is important to you.  Ask yourself why you want to reach this goal.
  • Time bound
    • Set a time limit.  However, you have to be willing to be ok with adjusting this time limit if you aren’t meeting the goal but you are making serious and consistent headway.

I was going to write a long description for each of the attributes, but you know how to use Google.  And, I’m sure someone else has done a better job of explaining it than I ever could.

At any rate, I DID sit down and elaborate on my goals.  I put my thoughts into writing.  Then, I broke each of these down into categories under each goal.  As I’m going along, I’ve added more specific steps, deadlines and measurements.  It’s certainly going to be a work in progress.  Each day I will review my goals outline and see what I’ve done to meet them, what I need to do and if I have anything else to add.  I’m trying to view it as organic and not fixed.

It’s funny.  We all worry about meeting our goals.  But, I found just getting a definition down for my goals was difficult.  But, I’m dedicated to not only meeting them, but for defining them better!

Peace, Love & Goal-Getting