Ugly Truths

Yup, here I am again.  Not having posted in quite a while after having promised myself I was “back at it”.

A lot has happened since I last said I would write regularly again.  And, that will all come out eventually.  After a lot of soul searching, I decided to tackle my issues in a series of posts that I am calling Ugly Truths.

If you are reading this (and choose to continue reading), I hope you see that I’m not just picking on myself.  Rather, I am facing up to my issues and tackling them . . . the best I can at this time . . . little by little in order to help me be happier with who I am.

Notice that I didn’t say be a better person . . . or be happier in life.  I just need to be happier with who I am . . . and I feel . . . deep in my heart . . . that the rest will come naturally.

Love, Peace & Inner Strength


Hoosier Barn Chick


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