WTF? Seriously . . W . . . T . . . F?

We have trail cams on property.  This is common practice for people who hunt.

A large part of why we have them is to see who/what is on our property.  With 80 acres, it’s not unusual for us to be surprised.  Usually it’s critters in the pictures.  Although recently we have seen a trespasser.

Anyways . . . The Hubby and I were going thru the pictures the other night and saw these:

Our first thought (and what came out of both of our mouths) was WTF?

The animal on the right is obviously a bobcat.  We already knew we had at least one on our property thanks to the trail cams.

We THINK the animal on the left might be a bobcat..

While that’s great news for the ecosystem, I’m not thrilled about them being on our property.  Thank goodness they tend to shy away from people!

Peace, Love & Bobcat Instagram Moments

Hoosier Barn Chick

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