Productive Breaks


Recently I had an eye opening moment.

You see, I was working on cleaning our house.  And, most of it had been neglected for some time due to dealing with being bipolar, the busy season at my day job and some other personal issues in my life.

But, I promised myself I would take a weekend and do as much as I could to get The Barn back in order.

Y’all we live in a BARN.  The layout is weird.  There are ancient exposed beams.  There are book shelves everywhere.  There are weird little nooks.  There’s a freaking sink in a hallway!  In general, it’s just a massive and weird space.  But, I love it just the same.

So, knowing that I can’t do a top to bottom clean of the entire house in one weekend, I decided to lay out some priorities.  I wanted it tidy.  I wanted it generally clean.  That would be enough for me at the moment.  I didn’t need it spotless.  That would be pointless because we LIVE in it.

Because I knew I would lose momentum if I just worked straight through, I decided to have what I am calling productive breaks.

I do quite a bit of something . . . about an hour’s worth.  And, then I go do something else that is a break but gets something done.

For instance, my productive breaks included writing some blog posts for the future.  Or, at least starting them.  Why did I choose this?  Because my blog is a priority in my life.  So, even during my break, I’m working towards a goal . . . 1 month of planned blog posts.  But, since I’m still a baby blogger, my ability to glue together long sentences in an effort to make a blog post is limited.  Meaning I can only really hack about 30 minutes of blogging at a time.  But, these breaks were typically shorter as I was not requiring myself to finish the post, edit it, put the links in or find graphics.

Two birds with one stone!

I am going to have to find other areas in my life that I can apply this to.  I’m sure it’s not a new concept.  But, for me, it was like the clouds opened up and the sun shined on me and unicorns pranced in the yard!

Peace, Love & Productivity

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