achievement-adult-book-1043514.jpgI’ve been trying to nail down my goals.  Seriously.  I’ve been trying.  I’ve researched how to do this.  In my mind, I can kind of see it happening.  But, it’s been a struggle.

So, starting with the research (because I’m a procrastinator at heart) here’s what I’ve learned.  The best method for goal setting seems to the SMART acronym.

What Does SMART Mean?

To make sure your goals are clear and reachable, each one should be:

  • Specific
    • Your goals must be specific.  Generalizations need to be broken down until you have a destination . . . not just a vague path.
  • Measurable
    • There must be some way to measure your progress.  If you can’t see how far you’ve come and how far you need to go, you’ll lose momentum.
  • Achievable
    • Your goal must be attainable.  On the flip side of that coin, make sure that you’re goal is a stretch for yourself and your normal comfort zone.
  • Relevant
    • Make sure your goal is important to you.  Ask yourself why you want to reach this goal.
  • Time bound
    • Set a time limit.  However, you have to be willing to be ok with adjusting this time limit if you aren’t meeting the goal but you are making serious and consistent headway.

I was going to write a long description for each of the attributes, but you know how to use Google.  And, I’m sure someone else has done a better job of explaining it than I ever could.

At any rate, I DID sit down and elaborate on my goals.  I put my thoughts into writing.  Then, I broke each of these down into categories under each goal.  As I’m going along, I’ve added more specific steps, deadlines and measurements.  It’s certainly going to be a work in progress.  Each day I will review my goals outline and see what I’ve done to meet them, what I need to do and if I have anything else to add.  I’m trying to view it as organic and not fixed.

It’s funny.  We all worry about meeting our goals.  But, I found just getting a definition down for my goals was difficult.  But, I’m dedicated to not only meeting them, but for defining them better!

Peace, Love & Goal-Getting



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