YES!!!! We Are Wait-Listed!

checklist-composition-handwriting-1226398.jpgSounds funny to say that.  But, for the online home school system that we applied for that’s our next step.  I finished uploading the remaining documents today.  Wednesday we have another phone conference and should know by the end of the week our new start date.

I can’t say how much of a relief that is.

In other not so wonderful news, we were advised to consult an attorney for filing a lawsuit against the school/school system.  Again, I don’t want to go into details.  I hadn’t planned on filing anything.  But, someone pointed out to me today that what happened to my child in the care of the school system will continue happening until the school and the corporation are forced to do something the things going on.  It weighs heavily on my heart.  It’s not what I want to do.  But, it’s become apparent that it’s what I NEED to do to protect other kids.


Finished my first class for Access today.  It felt good to get it behind me.  I had around 88 lectures I had to do in order to get my certificate.  I’m seriously considering the VBA course next.  But, it’s over 100 lectures!

Other than that, it’s a normal Sunday around here.  The sheets are in the washer.  We’ve gone grocery shopping and hauled water for the cows.  Daisy Doodle is enjoying the use of the invisible fence.

Life is (mostly) good!

Peace, Love & Waiting For Better Things

Hoosier Barn Chick

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