I have to admit something, years ago I was a die hard flybaby.  My whole day was planned around what I was supposed to be doing according to her system.  But, I have backslid so far that I almost can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel from here.
With a full-time day job, a child, a husband, a construction company and this site, I’m stressed to the max and I can’t even enjoy being at home because of how messy it is.

So….back to Baby Steps I go.  And, updating my progress here will not only help to hold me accountable, it will hopefully provide me with inspiration and spread the word about how wonderful “flying” can feel.

Since I’m not even pretending this plan is mine, I will simply post my day number and a picture.  There will be no explanation with it.  My updates will not appear my home page.  You can follow along here.

If you want to start flying, you can join at and the very first steps can be found here.