On The Night Stand – November 2017


On the night stand this month is Michael J. Totten’s Resurrection.

Editorial Reviews


“For fans of World War Z and The Walking Dead, Michael J. Totten’s Resurrection is the novel you’ve been waiting for.” – Scott William Carter, author of Ghost Detective

“In the tradition of The Walking Dead, Michael J. Totten delivers a must-read with Resurrection. Action packed with a wicked twist, this is one book I couldn’t put down.” –Annie Reed, author of The Patient Z Files

Resurrection dragged me in from the first page, withfast-paced, suspense-filled action and multi-layered and totallybelievable characters. Painting a vivid and gritty picture of apost-apocalyptic Northwest, Totten puts us into the minds and emotionalstruggles of a group of mismatched survivors forced to band together for protection even when they’re on the verge or ripping each other apart.He also wrote one of the scariest passages I’ve read in any horror orsuspense story…so be warned if you’re afraid of the dark, or water, or both.” – JC Andrijeski, author of Rook

About the Author

Michael J. Totten is an award-winning journalist and prize-winningauthor whose very first book, The Road to Fatima Gate, won theWashington Institute Book Prize. His novel, Resurrection, has beenoptioned for film.

He has taken road trips to war zones, sneaked into police states under false pretenses, dodged incoming rocket andmortar fire, stayed in some of the worst hotels ever built anywhere,slipped past the hostile side of a front line, been accused of being aspy, received death threats from terrorists, and been mugged by Egyptian police officers. When he’s not doing or writing about these things, hewrites novels.

His work has appeared in the New York Times, theWall Street Journal, and The Atlantic among numerous other publications, and he’s a contributing editor at World Affairs and City Journal. He has reported widely from the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, Latin America, and the Balkans. A former resident of Beirut, he lives in Oregon with his wife and two cats.